Newvit began in 1988 at tidy workshop.

The history of Newvit goes back to the 80’s where the brand “STI:L” is born from.
Newvit started to produce the mobile accessories in 1988, when people hardly recognized the word “mobile phone”.
Newvit was starting from the first customizing leather case for mobile phones.
Its outstanding quality competitiveness has been noticed by the worldwide companies such as Samsung, LG Electronics, SONY and Verizon.

Sophisticated Technical Skills for Customization

In the early stage of mobile phone industry, all the devices and tools
such as mobile case, hand strap, stylus pen or tempered glass were in varied shapes and sizes.
It was challenging task to meet the satisfaction to each of them.
As a result of the continuous efforts following with the rapidly changing mobile industry,
Newvit has been jumping up to be the leading company with the top-class development and technical skills.

STI:L, the New Brand Emerging from 28 Years of Expertise

Today, we are the Smart-phone generation. Unfortunately, the majority of smart-phone manufacturers tend to prefer mass production in the limited models only rather than offering various selections to choose like in the past. That is why a “Fashion Case” is the only solution for saving our device from the lack of individuality. There is no doubt it has the most significant “fashion” role to reflect our individual characters onto the closest daily device at the present day.

STIL - iPhone 6 / 6s case
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